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      Lu'an Jianghuai Yongda Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd, originally called Yongda Machinery Manufacturing Factory, has become one of the subsidiary companies of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co. Ltd (JAC) in the March of 2005. 
      Yongda Machinery Manufacturing Factory came into existence in 1965, was originally one of the three specialized precise small modulus gear processing factories that were under the control of the Electronics Industry Department. Now it has already grown into a precise processing enterprise that produces gear of electric tools, textile machineries, electric bicycles and automobiles, as well as small gear lubricative pumps and almost all kinds of planet gear decelerators. Our company presently has an annual production capacity of more than 6 million gear, covering an area of nearly 130,000 square meters, holds more than 600 employees, including 150 specialized technical personnels.
      Yongda has nearly 500 finish machining equipment and Testing Instruments totally, among which 40 essential equipment are imported from some world-famous machine tool processing companies Processing equipment are as follows: Germany KOEPFER160 CNC hobbing machine, gear-shaping machine, CNC external grinder, tool manufacture and gear grinding equipment, Japan HAMAI CNC hobbing machine, CNC shaving machine,Swiss MIKRON hobbing machine, gear-shaping machine, REISHAUER thread grinder, Qinchuan CNC grinding machine and Sino-Japanese joint venture drip-type carburizing nitriding furnace. Test equipment are:Swiss MIKRON double-sided meshing tester, gear tester beating, CARLZEISS involute tester, universal Coordinate Measuring Instrument, gear testing center in Japan, as well as complete sets of metallographic examination equipment. In recent years, the company's processing equipment carry out a comprehensive machine tool retrofit for numerical control, all types of CNC machine accout for around 40%. 
      The main products of Yongda include special precision gear, electric tool gear, textile machinery gear, electrically operated bicycle gear and all kinds of transmission decelerating device. Yongda offers products to numbers of well-known enterprises mainly in Asia, Europe and domestic.
      The range of gear include cylindrical gear, straight bevel gear, worm gear worm bearing, spiral bevel gear, synchronized pulley, chain wheel, rack, precision lead screw and so on. The processing modulus ranges from 0.2 to 8, and the highest accuracy achieves 5 level. Our technical personnels has the capacity of designing and manufacturing non- standard wheel cutter.

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